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Owasippe Photo-Shoot

Photography of the people and places at Owasippe.




Above:  Activity abounds at the Camp Wolverine "Zaxie" pool where all instructional and recreational swimming occurs.  This olympic-size pool has a shallow center and two deep ends.   Camp Wolverine now consists of sites from both the old Camps Wolverine North and South.  The old WS lodge is now Camp Wolverine's hanicraft lodge.


Above:  Barb Lea gives CITs an orientation to the Crown High Adventure Base, the Backpacking Outpost, and the "Manistee Quest" program for 2002.

CIT Canoeing Prep

L-R: Ron Derby, Joe Sener and CITs prepare to take out on a canoeing training trip on Lake Wolverine. They are checking out gear prior to taking their canoes from the racks. Photo courtesy Ron Kulak, June 2001. the Quaking Bogs

Chauncey (left) observes as CITs experience the "quaking bogs" along the Blue Trail just east of Camp Reneker and adjacent to the "marl beds". The west fork of Cleveland Creek supplies the watershed that supports this unique biological feature and ecosystem. (photo courtesy of Ron Kulak, June 2000)

Big Blue Water Carnival

Above: Camp Blackhawk Scouts enjoy the fun and competition of a water carnival in Big Blue Lake. (photo courtesy Troop 442, July 2001).

Scout canoe trek approaching Diamond Bend campsite on the White River

CIT canoe trek approaching the Diamond Bend campsite on the scenic and serene White River, Manistee National Forest. Canoes and transport provided by the Owasippe high-adventure program (Photo by Ron Kulak, June 2001).

A hungry crowd of staff awaits permission to enter the Blackhawk dining hall.

A very hungry Staff gathering for dinner at the Blackhawk dining hall during "Staff Week". Photo by Ron Kulak, June 2001.

Fishing Outpost Instruction

Above: Bob Daman coaches Scouts to be good anglers at the Owasippe "Hog Heaven" Fishing Outpost located on the shores of Lake Wolverine. (photo courtesy Ron Kulak, June 2000).

Negotiating a challenging low course at COPE.

Above: A team challenge on the "artesian beams" at the Charles F. Nagel Memorial COPE Course. Photo by Ron Kulak.

Diamond-O Ranch Orientation

Above: Scouts receive instructions from Diamond-O Ranch staff by the tack shed before going out on their trail ride. (photo courtesy Troop 442, July 2001).

2001 Owasippe CIT Class

Above: Camp Enthusiasm's 2000 Class of CITs (Counselors-In-Training). The program is chiefly sponsored by the Owasippe Staff Association. Minimum requirements for male staff are age 14 by July 1, finished 9th grade, Star rank, 3 years as a summer camper, three letters of recommendation, and an ability to teach others. CITs also serve at Camp Reneker.

Dave Meyer Negotiating COPE's High Course

COPE's "high course" is especially challenging and FUN on this last stretch. Confidence and coordination is the key here. Above, Staff Dave Meyer shows that he has these steps all figured out..."what a guy!". Right, Staff Ginger Russell has no problem hanging on for dear life as she scoots down the 100-yard-long "zip line" (Photo courtesy of the White Lake Beacon). WHAT A RUSH!!!

Diamond-O Ranch Trail Prep

Above Scouts prepare their mounts as they get set to leave the Diamond-O Ranch on a guided trail ride. (photo courtesy Troop 442, July 2001).

Scout Rich P. Trumpets Morning Colors

Scout musician Rich Patenaude plays "To The Colors" at the Camp Blackhawk dining hall. (photo courtesy by Troop 442, July 2001).

BBB...Blackhawk Bulletin Board

Above: The Camp Blackhawk bulletin board is chock-full of activities and program for Scouts to immerse themselves in for one solid week. (photo courtesy Ron Kulak, July 2000).


Staff Skit At Blackhawk Dining Hall

Campstaff don their finest mid-day attire for a classic skit at the Blackhawk dining hall. These are NOT refugees from the Cross-Dressing Outpost. Photo courtesy Ron Kulak, Aug 2001.

Cross-country Orienteering

Joe Sener looks south toward the "tar pits" as he explains topographic features and compass bearings to interested CITs as they prepare to undertake a cross-country orienteering hike. (photo courtesy Ron Kulak, June 2000).

THE SCARLET SASSAFRAS... Owasippe's"Unwebsite" & E-zine